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Stereotopical is where I note observations and reflections on the world - sometimes in an entertaining and/or convincing way.

My content is driven by the idea that one "Wow!" is worth a million "meh"s (rough estimate). My belief that quality trumps quantity also carries itself into other parts of life.

I like writing about mindful living, introspection, food, and technology.

My goal is to ask better questions, look at both sides of the coin, make you think and/or feel, and have fun doing it.

What you'll find in these pages is nothing more - and nothing less - than the things I've noticed, both in and outside my head.

I'll leave you with my favourite article, discussing the benefits of caring less.


Drop me a line through this form if you're in need of a writer, proofreader, editor, a wedding date, or just someone to grab lunch with.