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You're more Naked when Clothed

You're more Naked when Clothed

Partially inspired by the guy sometimes found around Yonge & Dundas Square rocking and utterly owning different coloured suits

What is it that makes something look and feel stylish? For example: aviator sunglasses. They were stylish when the design was first introduced in 1936, and over 80 years later, they still are. Now how about the man bun trend that swept through North America and parts of Europe for a good 2 years. In hindsight, we can see that that was a fad, but what about the people who's style is the man bun? Those people who wore them before they were “in". Are they hipsters? Did they start the trend? Was that there 15 minutes of fame? You can look outside today and, for better or worse see people wearing it. Whether they pull it off or not is a radically different question.

So what’s the reason behind aviators being a classic look and man buns being, for the most part, a fad? Everyone's heard the Coco Chanel quote: “fashion passes; style remains”, but... 

What differentiates the stylish from the trendy?

A trendy thing is like the shiny new toy that either breaks immediately, is no fun to play with after a couple hours, or is replaced by another toy next week. A stylish thing is that reliable something you’ve had for a decade that still suits your needs and wants. Trendiness is looking at how the world presents itself at any given moment and adapting yourself to the world.

Style is knowing what fits you.

And what would style be if it had nothing to do with what does or does not look good on you, personally. Aviators look amazing on almost everyone wearing any outfit. But - and I may be wrong on many levels - only Wiz Khalifa can pull off the dalmation patterned fur coat with no shirt. So, it must ultimately be that something only looks goofy if you can’t pull it off.

And so, a person with style is a person who - with a degree of self-knowledge and a touch of aesthetic sensitivity - knows how they want to be presented and is able to follow through on that attitude. Even cargo shorts can be stylish if worn in the right way by the right person.

This gives a whole new meaning to “wearing your heart on your sleeve.” What we can take from this is that fads are a pandering to popular appeal. Style as I've been talking about it, is not just about clothing - there are styles of writing, sitting, loving, being.

Your style is how you feel comfortable being.

So the next time you try on an outfit, ask, “is this yellow camo blazer really who I am?” Or feel free to be comfortable in your own clothes, and your own skin, and give zero fucks - that's a style too, and if you pull it off, you'll look and feel great. 

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